"Clients trust our reputation and name, but most of all they value our work." 

In 2000, ALL THINGS CORPORATE, LLC saw the need and has taken the lead when it comes to creating enduring Meeting Minutes. Not only Annual Meetings that are required by every Entity but Special Meetings that not only bring  longevity to an entity but ensure that the Principal's assets are protected to a degree not seen in the industry.
We've spent almost two decades protecting people's assets with stellar Meeting Minutes that preserve and expand your business to meet your needs. All Things Corporate, LLC, is the company that people trust when matters need to be documented with  accuracy and timeliness.  

"DOCUMENTING THE PRESENT TO PROTECT YOUR FUTURE" is a great slogan but it really is what we do...everyday!

Details are what protect an entity. We are  Nationlly recognized experts in Corporate  Compliance. All Things Corporate, LLC assists your Entity's to make sure the details are wrapped in legal wording that can withstand the closest scrutiny. 

As an example here are just a few times your Entity will save you if the Corporate Meeting Minutes are in perfect order on every level for every contingency:  

  • IRS audit - so your individual assets are protected
  • Lawsuit against the Entity - must show hands off or your assets can be dragged in as an individual
  • Corporate  Sale, Merger or Acquisition 

Today is the best time to bring your Corporate Record Book into Compliance.

Tomorrow may be too late because details become lost with time exposing your Entity, and you as an Individual, to attack.

All Things Corporate, LLC was started because Attorneys tend to put your Corporate Record Book into their "Black Hole." 

The "Black Hole" is a bookcase, usually in a back room, full of their Client's Corporate Record Books. These Books only gets dusted or touched when you get Audited by the IRS, Sued, need a Line-of-credit, a divorce or some other catastophy for the Entity and yourself.

By the time a crisis hits, it is too late to truly protect your Entity and now everything you worked so hard and long to attain, can be at jeopardy.

All Things Corporate, LLC is here to make sure that does not happen to you!

Do you really want to gamble with your future?

Time to bring your Corporate Record Book into Compliance.

You will sleep a lot better!

Be diligent with your Entity and it will protect your assets!